Seabreeze Advertising and Marketing - SEABREEZE Vacation scam

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Do not attend the high pressure sales meeting promising free tickets and hotel nights. Nothing is free about it. You have to listen for 90 minutes and then the reps get angry with you when you don't buy. The postcards make it look like it is sponsored by an airline (ours came from Delta, another couples came from American). I tried to complain to person in charge and when I stepped out of the room they locked me out so I wouldn't influence others in the room. Total *** scam. There is an 'activation fee' for the tickets and hotel. This will cost @ $120. Also was promised a $50 voucher and that wasn't given to me.

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Seabreeze Advertising and Marketing - Sea Breeze Advertising Corp a rip off

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I also sent Sea Breeze $500 to sell my timeshare. 'Kristen Sanders' raved about the area my timeshare was located in and advised I could get at least $17,000 for it (I paid $10,00).

Never heard from her again. After leaving numerous messages requesting updates, it seems their phone is now disconnected. Did someone say you could go through the Florida attorney general to complain?

I will absolutely check that out. I am mad at myself for falling for this scam but I work very hard and am livid some lazy broad can sit on her rear and steal money from honest, hard-working people.

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Seabreeze Advertising and Marketing - Ripped off

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I paid $599.00 for services though sbacorp to sell my timeshare.should have known better to deal with some one out of state defiantly at 111 n.Frederick ave.sixth fl. Dayton beach,Florida 32114.hard lesson learned hope they get whats coming to all of them.Jackie and Jill sounds like a nursery rhyme to me but maybe someone will steal their pail of water sometime when they don't have a job and still have to pay the bills.The Bible says thou shall not steal maybe GOD has a good plan for all the people involved in this SCAM.enjoy your lives judgement day will be here soon.

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Monetary Loss: $599.

Seabreeze Advertising and Marketing - Scammed me out of $1806.00

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Seabreeze scammed me out of $1806.00 to sell my timeshare. They were the first to call me with an offer to sell my timeshare, so I thought it was legal. (with contracr and all)

Just like the others never got another phone call, and was hard to reach a person. However, I was repeatly told that they were working on my timeshare.

After realizing I had been scammed, I tried to dispute the amount on my credit card, but I was to late!!!!!

So, dispute the amount quickly, and include me in any suites against this company.

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Seabreeze Advertising and Marketing - Avoid SBA Corp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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SBA Corp says thaey'd like to exceed my expectations. I have left dozens of messages with no return calls by my agent or the company.

You can't even get anyone to answer the phone in person. Before I signed on the dotted line, they'd call metwice a day. Now I don't hear from them. Can you add a "furious" section to the site.

That's what I am. We are out $925. We didn't give them the full asking price either-agreed to do so after they sold our timeshare which hasn't happened.

I just wish someone would contact us so we don't feel like we've been scammed. Stay away from this company!!!!!!!

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Seabreeze Advertising and Marketing - SBA Corp

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I was contacted numerous times by SBA Corp (AKA Seabreeze) out of Daytona Florida. I trusted them, dummy...just spent $600 in tuition in learning that very fine lesson.

However, I didn't give the company the full asking amount, but still parted with some $600 and would like to have it back. Let's sue their pants off. I thought my contract said I had six months if there was no movement, rental or otherwise, I could get a refund. Also, I never could "locate" my ad on thier website.

The only time I saw my ad was with "their" link in an email. Funny, have you noticed the advertisements on this site are related to selling timeshares?

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My husband & I also taken by seebreeze advertising corp. Signed contract in 10/27/06 and never heard from them since then.

If anyone has a address and phone # or email address for them please e-mail me at

Paid $704.95 for nothing I just want them to release me from there contract. Thank You


and I never saw even the slightest return on my money. Total Sham and if you are going to sue let me know!!


Same here, got taken for ~$700 after they promised to sell my TimeShare in 2006. I called and called over the last 4 years.

They finally just quit taking calls.

What a shame, these people are ***. I really hope what goes around, comes around.


This is the most *** of the earth establishment. Established for one reason only and that is to steal from honest hard-working and in my husbands case, disabled, people who trusted their lies!

Our $900 we paid them is 3/4 of our months disability check and these people have no mercy. Only greed.

Yes to sue them together as a class action suit would be the the thing to do. I think we still have laws in this country.....


My lawyer,who knew I wanted to rid myself of an inherited timeshare received info from Seabreeze & forwarded it to me. I contacted Jackie and paid them around $1200.

Her emails to me stopped 7/7/2010. Iended up paying late fees to the timeshare; paying the lawyer for his time and paying Jackie for nothing.

Now I've been contacted by a Florida consumer group that will help recoup the $1200 for a 20% fee. I really don't think soooo.


I paid SBA Corp,$2,712.00 on,22-12-2008,since then i called them numerous times and they returned a couple calls. Each time i talked to a new person in charge.

Once they said they had an offer,i called 3 weeks later and they said the party couldn't get financing.That's the last time i talked to anyone. In the last 5 monthe i haven't been able to get through to anyone and it sounds like their phone is disconnected.

I filed a complaint with the Florida State Attorney Generals' office to no avail."Nothing they could do". I would likt to sue too.


Has anybody found or heard how to sue this company or how to get our money back. I was scam as well for $900.

I can't believe this. Please add me to the list.


My husband and I were constantly hounded by SBA. They called everyday until they convinced us to try to rent our timeshare.

It cost us $900. Since then, you can't get a hold of anyone, they don't answer the phone, and now when I call, it sounds as if they phone has been disconnected.


Well they took us for $904.00! They now will not return any calls or emails.

I have been trying to contact them for over 2 months. Is there a place I can go to get a refund of my money anyone knows about?


SBACorp tried to scam me, but after reading this and other testimonies across the web I backed out before sending any money. The girl I talked to said that she would "loan" me $328 to put my timeshare up for rent if I could get her the other $500 by Wednesday. That seemed kinda fishy to me that she would use her personal money to help someone she has talked to twice on the phone.

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Seabreeze Advertising and Marketing - Seabreeze Advertising is a Rip-off

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John E. Shepard

3201 Key West Dr.

Garland, TX 75044

April 20, 2009

RE: Frauds, and Scams

Sea breeze Advertising Corp (TC 2954) (Exposed a Rip off)

Reply To letter Dated April 15, 2009

You company over whelmed us with phone calls after phone calls in June and July of 2006.

We could not take a vacation without receiving calls from your company. Greg finally explains to my husband we can help sale your timeshare. We have sold many timeshares for customers. We are the only company that Guarantee the sale of you timeshare or money back if you sell your timeshare before we do.

We will advertise your timeshare and we will keep you inform about the property. You company done very little to sale the timeshare. You did not give the right detail about the product. Providing incorrect or not complete information did not help our timeshare to sale. You stated that you could rent-out our timeshare. You put the highest price on the timeshare so it could not be rented or sold. We receive only one call from your company in the two years that we gave you our money. I called several times but I was never got a true answer about the sale of our timeshare.

Until several months ago, which your company explained that the timeshares were not selling and that it will be hard for you to sale.

At no time did you tell us verbally or on the contact that you had special rules for the sale of our timeshare. We taped recorded the employee before he faxed over the contract. Therefore, you have managed to pull an on-line scam to rip us off. You receive money with the understanding that you know that you were not going to sale our timeshare. You company used a Scam to receive monies from us that you know you could not sale or contact us about the sale of our timeshare...

A verbal agreement was made and we signed off on the contract. We will be providing this information to the State Attorney General of FL. (tape recorded conversation Money Back)

You need to refund our money today($504.00).

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did you get your money back from this company? they also ripped me off and I'm looking for others who have gone through the same thing and managed to get their money back successfully, either through a class action lawsuit or otherwise.

Seabreeze Advertising and Marketing - Promise to sale my timeshare

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I received a call from Seabreeze adertisting corp. which is a timeshare resale company.

I advise that a current company had my property listed for over a year and nothing had taking place.

The representive stated that they were brokers and that they could rent my propert within thirty days and sale within ten weeks. I was also advised that Seabreeze could recoupe my cost back from the other company. When I received my agreement via mail it said that Seabreeze was only a advertising company and not a broker. I phoned immediately and requested a refund due to the fraudulent information. I spoke with a slick talking guy that promise they had brokers in house and that they were working for me. The company then cohursted me into signing the agreement. I did not hear from them again so after 2 months I contacted my credit card company to disbute the charged and when the charge was revered the company sent a letter to my credit card company calling me a lier and sent a discloser that I had not seen. My charges were put back on my card and my $1204.00 was kept by Seabreeze and I have not been contact since.

I have left serveral messages.

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